Hollywood responds to ouster of Fox’s Rothman

Following the unexpected news Friday that Tom Rothman was forced out of his post as co-chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment, several directors, producers and agents provided reactions to The Times.

--Bryan Singer, director and producer of the “X-Men” movies for Fox:

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Tom for more than a decade. We grew the X-Men franchise together from the ground up. He is passionate, intense, funny and always a step ahead. I know his next steps will be just as adventurous as his last.”

--Patrick Whitesell, co-chief executive of talent agency William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, who commented on Fox’s 12 years of annual profitability under Rothman and Jim Gianopulos:


“The consistent results, year in year out, are pretty amazing. He has had one of the great runs as a studio executive, in that way.... You always know where you stand with Tom. And I’ve always appreciated that candor and honesty.”

--Jon Landau, producer of “Avatar”:

“Tom was very passionate and very smart creatively and when those two collide, sometimes there’s a perception that someone is difficult. But at the root, Tom always had the best interests of the movie in mind.”

--Michael Barnathan, president of 1492 Pictures and producer of Fox’s “Percy Jackson & the Olympians,” “Night at the Museum,” and “Fantastic Four”:


“I honestly thought he would be there until he decided to leave. He’s a survivor.”


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