Emmys 2012: Jon Cryer on life and awards after Charlie Sheen

Jon Cryer may have taken home an Emmy for lead actor in a comedy Sunday night, but talking to reporters backstage, he wanted to offer his thoughts on a very different topic: Miley Cyrus’ new haircut. He brought it up on his own.

“I love it. I think it’s fantastic,” he said, when weighing in on the Disney’s alum’s upcoming guest spot on “Two and a Half Men.”

Cryer said he was more confident in putting himself in the running for a lead actor with the departure of cast mate Charlie Sheen.

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“When Charlie and I were going on the show together, the show really rested on Charlie,” he said. “The show was really structured around his character, so it was silly for me to be in the lead character [category]. That’s changed. It’s more of a partnership,” he said, referring to the addition of Ashton Kutcher to the CBS comedy.

In reflecting on re-launching the show following the chaotic exit of Sheen last season, Cryer admitted that he had some concerns that it wouldn’t work. He recalled thinking, “Can this thing continue?”

“That it has is amazing to begin with,” he added. “And that this has happened [referring to his Emmy win] is ridiculous.”

That’s not to say the change doesn’t require some adjustment. When commenting on how the chemistry with Kutcher compares to that with Sheen, Cryer was honest.


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“With Charlie it was automatic, we never had to think about,” Cryer said. “Ashton and I are always working on it. And that’s fun. We rehearse a lot more. It’s a blast.”

All that rehearsing means less TV-viewing time. He can’t get enough of children’s TV series such as “The Octonaughts” and “Dinosaur Train” — “I’m learning a lot from ‘Dinosaur Train.’”

He’s got kids, folks. But at least he still makes time for older-skewing shows, like home-base heavyweight “NCIS.”


“I still love it.”


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