Curry eyeing CNN? Tribune’s TV plans. Media feuds of 2012!

Ann Curry looking for the exits at NBC.

After the coffee. Before making sure I don’t blow 2013 in the first week.

The Skinny: I saw “Django Unchained” on New Year’s Day. It’s “Blazing Saddles” meets blaxploitation. It’s also, like every movie coming out these days, about 40 minutes too long. Wednesday’s headlines include a look at what the new owners of Tribune Co. are thinking, lessons from the box office and whether Ann Curry is looking to change gigs.


Daily Dose: Be careful what you wish for. Last year, the new HBO comedy “Girls” about four friends in Brooklyn and their messy lives, took a lot of heat from some critics for not having a diverse cast. Well, creator Lena Dunham added some diversity to the early episodes of the show and found a way at the same time to take some pointed shots at her critics. No spoilers but it was cleverly done.

Tribune banks on TV. The new owners of Tribune Co. -- parent of the Los Angeles Times -- are likely to focus most of their efforts on strengthening the media giant’s television holdings and to try to sell its newspapers. Tribune owns 23 stations and a national cable channel. The company’s new board is made up primarily of entertainment executives. Peter Liguori, who is expected to be named chief executive, has spent his career in television programming. More on Tribune’s plans from the Los Angeles Times and Reuters.

Azoff goes off. Irving Azoff, chairman of Live Nation, resigned from the concert promotion giant. A legend in the music industry, Azoff will continue as a manager for Christina Aguilera among others. Live Nation is majority-owned by Liberty Media, which bought almost 2 million shares held by Azoff. More on Azoff and Live Nation from the Wall Street Journal and Billboard.

Curry in hurry to leave? NBC correspondent Ann Curry, who last year got bounced as co-host of the network’s morning show “Today,” wants out of her NBC contract so she can join CNN, according to Radar. It’s certainly no surprise that Curry wants out of NBC, and CNN is now going to be run by Curry’s former boss Jeff Zucker. The challenge is finding a role for Curry that is a fit with her reporting skills without the pressure of having to carry an entire a show. That’s my polite two cents.

Big swings and big misses. Yes, Hollywood is coming off a strong year at the box office, with some pretty big hits, such as “The Dark Knight Rises” and “The Avengers.” But let’s not forget the flops. Variety and Hollywood Reporter look at the lessons of 2012.

Who fought with whom? Because it’s still kind of slow and because we in the media are obsessed with ourselves, here is a list from Advertising Age of the biggest media feuds of 2012. I fight with everyone so I didn’t make the cut.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: John Krasinski is looking to move beyond “The Office” and the nice-guy image that went with his role on that show. A look at the most popular places to film in Los Angeles.

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