Must-see celebrity tweets from Monday night's presidential debate

Watch: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton trade insults at debate

As millions of Americans tuned in to watch Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump square off Monday night in the first of their three scheduled presidential debates, many also turned to social media to share their thoughts on the event, including a host of celebrities.

Many of Trump's most prominent celebrity advocates were quiet Monday evening, but there were a few tweets of support for the Republican candidate, specifically from Stephen Baldwin ("The Usual Suspects") and Adam Baldwin ("Firefly"), two actors who are, surprisingly, unrelated.


In the absence of tweets lauding the former reality television star, Clinton's celebrity supporters more than filled the Twitter void.

Here are 10 of the pithiest tweets to arise from Hollywood's debate live-tweeting.

Comedians Chelsea Peretti ("Brooklyn Nine-Nine") and Billy Eichner ("Difficult People") both noted that Trump appeared to be adopting a very pro-yelling debate style as the night unfolded.

Meanwhile, actress Rashida Jones ("Angie Tribeca") found that Trump's delivery spoke to her in a way she found deeply disconcerting after a lifetime spent in the industry.

Trump's expansive answers to moderator Lester Holt's questions put model Chrissy Teigen in mind of a certain iconic television character from NBC's "The Office," though that probably wasn't meant as a compliment.

Creator of "Scandal" and outspoken Clinton supporter Shonda Rhimes was impressed by Clinton's composure Monday night, invoking a reference to Beyoncé when describing how on point the candidate seemed.

Several points of contention were raised in regards to Trump on the suggestion that he had not paid taxes on his hundreds of millions of dollars of earnings (something he suggested made him "smart"), in addition to the businessman's complaints about America's failing infrastructure.

Comedian Chelsea Handler got serious with her tweet, explaining that "third-world" airports were funded by tax dollars, while author and National Review scribe David French got humorous with his observation that terrible airports would serve as the foundation to bridging the gap between liberals and conservatives.

Talk show host and comedian Bill Maher thought he'd discovered an obvious tell to Trump's debate style concerning the candidate's penchant for interruption, which he shared via tweet.

But in the end, it was comedian Patton Oswalt and "Hamilton" star Lin-Manuel Miranda who seemed to  best sum up the first presidential debate, with their observations about Trump's claims to having a good and winning temperament.

One debate down, two to go. Let's hope Hollywood stays fresh for the Town Hall debate Oct. 9.

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