Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler sing heartfelt ‘Tonight Show’ duet

Every decade or so Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler get together to make a movie, and on Wednesday night “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon asked them to express their lovey-dovey feelings in song.

“Every 10 years we get to fall in love again,” said the pregnant actress, 39, who appeared with Sandler to promote their upcoming rom-com, “Blended,” due in theaters in May.

“We do. We enjoy it, we have a lot of fun together,” added Sandler, 47.

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The pair have costarred in 1998’s “The Wedding Singer” and 2004’s “50 First Dates.” Yeah, the math doesn’t quite add up to a decade on those first two, but we’ll let it slide. And though they discussed their three famous collaborations, Sandler claimed that the correct number is four, since he purportedly played “E.T.” in Barrymore’s 1982 breakout film from director Steven Spielberg.


In the heartfelt duet, the actors alternate lines, with Sandler, a “Saturday Night Live” alum, usually delivering the late-night-friendly zinger.

“Am I your best movie husband?” Sandler sang.

“Of course you are, Adam,” she replied.

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“Better than Hugh Grant?” he continued, questioning her on-screen romance with the British actor in 2007’s “Music and Lyrics.”

“Much better than Grant,” she said.

“Better than Ben Stiller?” he asked, bringing up her “Duplex” costar.

“Much better than Stiller,” Barrymore said.

“Better than Jimmy Fallon?” Sandler pointedly asked of her “Fever Pitch” costar, who stepped up at that moment, while he’d just been playing guitar in the background that whole time prior.

“You both have great qualities...,” the convivial actress said diplomatically.

“I’ll take that,” Fallon replied.

Watch the clip above.


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