Gary Oldman highly amused when reliving his numerous death scenes

Spoiler alert: Gary Oldman seems to do one thing over and over in his movies: He dies.

The “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” star’s myriad fallen alter-egos were commemorated with a special “in memoriam” reel during his visit to “Conan” this week.

“We read this statistic that you’re in the top 10 of all actors who’ve died in films,” host Conan O’Brien told the actor. “So we decided to honor you by making a montage of your death scenes.”

He proceeded to play the “Gary Oldman Death Supercut,” much to the prolific actor’s amusement.


As the 56-year-old and audiences revisited a number of his offed characters, the best part of the montage was Oldman’s reaction to it — he began laughing hysterically nearly every time he bit the dust.

O’Brien mentioned 17 deaths in total, but the films “Team Coco” highlighted included 2006’s “BackWoods,” 2003’s “Sin,” 2007’s “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” 1992’s “Dracula,” 2001’s “Hannibal,” 1997’s “The Fifth Element” and “Air Force One” and 1990’s “State of Grace.”

Other actors with an unusually high onscreen death toll: Vincent Price, Sean Bean, Robert DeNiro, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gary Busey, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Johnny Depp and several others, according to this 2013 list from TVOM, which had tallied 12 demises for Oldman as Thursday afternoon.

Another great Oldman Supercut? The one in which Oldman does 20 accents in 60 seconds.

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