Snoop Dogg apologizes, ends feud with Iggy Azalea

Snoop Dogg has apologized for picking on Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea.
(Left: Jason Kempin / Getty Images; right: Jason Merritt / Getty Images)

The feud between rappers Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg has ended with an apology from Snoop and an acceptance from Iggy, but not before escalating to oh-no-he-didn’t heights.

The social-media throwdown began last week when makeup-free paparazzi pics of the “Fancy” emcee surfaced online and Snoop promptly compared her fair skin and blond hair to that of an albino woman with cornrows.

Snoop, 42, real name Calvin Broadus, continued picking on her with a slew of escalating mean-spirited memes and posts making less-than-flattering comparisons.


Iggy, 24, real name Amethyst Amelia Kelly, responded to the bullying with since-deleted tweets that were captured by E! News.

“@snoopdogg why would you post such a mean pic on insta when you send your body guards to ask me for pictures every time we are at shows together?” she wrote. “My bodyguard stopped the fire truck that saved your friends life in canada when he almost burnt down the hotel ... And everytime I’ve spoken to you, you’ve always been nice as hell, I’m disappointed you’d be such an ass for no reason.”

On Monday, the Aussie chart-topper tweeted about TMZ’s hyperbolic headline regarding the feud: “lol, i wish writers exaggerated the positive ... going on in this world too. Im not ‘fuming mad’ at anyone.”

Meanwhile, the Long Beach rapper continued his verbal and visual lashings on Instagram by sharing posts about the beef. On Tuesday, he shared another snap of Azalea comparing her to Marlon Wayans’ undercover character in the 2004 comedy “White Chicks,” which became an ongoing joke.

Azalea, who was embroiled in a massive spat with a paparazzo last week, mainly retweeted tweets supporting her and wrote “its like the guy that asks for your number and then says you ugly and a ... when you say no.”

On Wednesday, Snoop recorded some more disheartening videos and shared photos of himself wearing a blond wig. He posted a meme of “Anaconda” rapper Nicki Minaj, touting her as the only relevant female rapper. He also blasted Iggy with more harsh words that we (can’t!) won’t republish here — some of the mildest involved calling her a “kangaroo,” saying she “wanna b black” and telling her to go back “down unda.” He also called her the C-word.


Late Wednesday, the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” rapper changed his tune. Snoop posted an Instagram video announcing that the feud was over (with a little help from rapper T.I., who manages Iggy) and offering his apology.

“It’s over I’m bac on my cool ... no harm no foul,” he wrote in the caption, adding “much love @troubleman31t respect sorry bout that”

“I just got off the phone with my homeboy Tip, the king of Atlanta, and it’s officially over,” he said in the video, wearing his signature sly smile. “No more bad talk. I apologize. Yeah, I apologize, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”

Azalea promptly accepted the apology via Twitter, writing: “I appreciate the apology @snoopdogg” and “Let that be that people, time to focus on the positive things I’ve got going on. no time to dwell on the negative.”

“Fancy” and classy.

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