Jon Hamm reminds us he’s not dead -- but is Don Draper?

Jon Hamm knows what happens to Don Draper.

And in behind-the-scenes footage from his recent cover shoot for Emmy Magazine, the actor reveals the truth.

Well, it’s one version of the truth. Actually, it’s a story about Hamm’s “Mad Men” that may or may not be true, but is definitely coming out of the 43-year-old’s mouth. It’s cute, and it involves another name change for the character -- and a trip to Vermont. Check out the video below for details.

“He’s better at keeping a secret than I am!” Matthew Weiner, the notoriously closed-mouthed “Mad Men” show runner, tells Emmy Magazine in its first issue of 2015, which features a chat with seven-time Primetime Emmy nominee Hamm and some of his cohorts.

No matter Draper’s fate, it turns out the actor teared up at the show’s wrap party -- but he hasn’t lost perspective.

“It was really lovely,” Hamm says of the celebration, where according to him “everyone” got emotional. “But Lizzie [Elisabeth Moss, who plays Peggy] and I were a little more sanguine about it than others, I think. We were like, ‘We’re not dead!’


“We all have each other’s phone numbers. We’re not never going to see each other again.”

So, Jon Hamm isn’t dead -- now time will tell if the same can be said about Don Draper.

The first of the final seven “Mad Men” episodes airs April 5 on AMC. Emmy Magazine is on newsstands Tuesday.

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