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Katy Perry’s grandma steals the spotlight at ‘Smurfs 2' premiere

Katy Perry, Neil Patrick Harris and Britney Spears talk about their new movie “The Smurfs 2"
Katy Perry, right, arrives at “The Smurfs 2" premiere with her grandmother, Ann Hudson.
(Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Dozens of celebrities walked the red carpet at “The Smurfs 2" premiere -- Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Neil Patrick Harris -- but all eyes were on a diminutive 92-year-old with a bedazzled cane.

Ann Hudson, Perry’s grandmother, stole the show outside a Westwood theater, showing off her blingy “I’ve got the hots for Papa Smurf” T-shirt.

“Why can’t grandma do all of my press for me?” Perry joked quietly to her publicist as Hudson gabbed with the media. Indeed, the nonagenarian seemed more eager to speak to the media than the pop star, who ducked into the theater after chatting with just a couple of outlets. 

That was at least more than Spears did, stopping only to pose for a brief photo op with her two sons before rushing inside. (The singer wrote her new song “Ooh La La” for the animated film’s soundtrack.)


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But who needs pop stars when you have a giant Smurfs cake and inflatable float to ogle? The kids who populated the blue carpet seemed especially transfixed by the large dessert, crafted specifically for the event by “Ace of Cakes” chef Duff Goldman.

“The Smurfs on the cake are filled with Rice Krispie treats, and the cake itself is blue Smurf berry,” said Goldman, who revealed he spent 120 hours creating the masterpiece.

Harris, who plays one of the few live-action characters in the film, brought his twins to the event, but worried their attention span would be too short to make it through the entire film. The 2-year-olds recently saw the first “Smurfs” film and have also seen their father on “How I Met Your Mother,” the actor said.


“But I don’t sit them down and force them to watch my canon,” he joked.

The 3-D sequel, which hits theaters Wednesday, sees the Smurfs travel to Paris to rescue Smurfette (Perry), who has been kidnapped by an evil wizard. Though she is voicing a cartoon character, Perry really is “the star of the movie,” said director Raja Gosnell.

“Watch this movie and listen to the heart-wrenching performance she gives,” the filmmaker said of the singer-turned-actress. “She has such amazing control over her instrument that she’s able to do one line five, six different ways. She gets it.”


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