Lindsay Lohan defends her ‘beautiful/donkey’ Arabic translation

Lindsay Lohan addresses Arabic mistranslation in Instagram post.
Lindsay Lohan addresses Arabic mistranslation in Instagram post.
(Hannah McKay / EPA)

If Lindsay Lohan is trying to learn Arabic, as she claims she is, she made quite the asinine mistake in the process.

The "Mean Girls" alum became the butt of jokes earlier this week when she posted a line in colloquial Arabic script on Instagram followed by the translation: "You're beautiful."

Except things got very lost in translation and the seemingly inspirational quote actually said, "You're a donkey," which, as in English, is the same as saying, "You're an ass." After users called her out for the mistranslation, the 28-year-old removed the post and left it at that.

That is, until Thursday.

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Lohan, who bares her backside in a new spread for Notion magazine, went back online to address the second-language faux pas, claiming the post was an inside joke.

"FYI- The funny thing is-the Arabic photo I posted was an inside joke w/friend to test my Arabic w/out Google translation. So, was already known what it was. Other than this- I love @maisonvalentino," she wrote on Thursday, posting a snapshot of a colorful Valentino carryall.

Clearly, the once-embattled starlet forgot that social media isn't a nurturing place for such jests.

On Friday, she took to Twitter to continue arguing her "I'm learning Arabic" case.

"A for #effort," she wrote, captioning what appears to be a screengrab of a translation screen stating "I am trying to learn my Arabic" and "I love you."

As we say in Egypt, lissa shwaya -- that is, she still has a little ways to go. And that's putting it gently.

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