Madonna compares Trump’s win to a death — and blames hateful women for Clinton’s loss

Madonna is taking the 2016 presidential election results really hard.
Madonna is taking the 2016 presidential election results really hard.
(Ben Stansall / AFP / Getty Images)

Madonna says she hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since Donald Trump became president-elect. And she wakes up every morning realizing the election results aren’t just a bad dream.

“It felt like a combination of the heartbreak and betrayal you feel when someone you love more than anything leaves you, and also a death,” the pop star told actress Elizabeth Banks in an interview for Billboard.

Wow. Maybe we should sign Madge up for a new haircut?


Madonna blamed the election results on hate. But not the kind you might expect.

“Women hate women. That’s what I think it is,” said the singer, whose “Madonna: Rebel Heart Tour” concert special comes to Showtime on Friday. “Women’s nature is not to support other women. It’s really sad.”

Men, she said, protect other men — but women are all about protecting men and protecting children and apparently protecting a certain gender-wide self-loathing?

“A lot of it has do with jealousy and some sort of tribal inability to accept that one of their kind could lead a nation,” she said.

Incidentally, according to Pew Research, an exit poll found 42% of women voting for Trump, compared with 54% backing Hillary Clinton. That’s about the same percentage spread among women that was seen in the prior two presidential contests.

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