Mila Kunis seemingly confirms marriage to Ashton Kutcher on ‘Late, Late’

Are they or aren’t they? That’s still the question swirling around Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s marital status, and the actress’ recent vagueness on the new “Late Late Show With James Corden” isn’t helping set the record straight.

The “Jupiter Ascending” star, who welcomed daughter Wyatt Isabelle with Kutcher last fall, may have already wed the “Two and a Half Men” actor. And when the question was posed to her on the first episode of Corden’s new show, premiering Monday, she still played coy.

The “That ‘70s Show” costars, engaged since at least February 2014, have been setting off more marriage rumors since having baby Wyatt. Kunis’ “Late Late Show” couch partner Tom Hanks inquired about her “hus-Ashton,” nearly referring to him as her spouse, which prompted the new late-night host’s spitfire line of questioning (and ramped up interest in the show once the clip hit YouTube on Monday).

“Are you married? Did you get married? Have you got married?” Corden asked.


“I don’t know. Maybe,” Kunis replied in the manner that she did in February when Ellen DeGeneres posed the same question (and drew the same conclusion).

“Come on. No one’s maybe got married,” Corden replied, also unsatisfied with her answer. “You’ve either got married or haven’t got married. Have you got married?”

“Maybe,” she repeated.

“Well that’s a yes as far as I’m concerned,” Corden concluded.


Then she shrugged and he insisted on seeing her hand, which did indeed display a ring on that finger (one she also showed off at the “Jupiter Ascending” premiere in February). So, Corden and Hanks congratulated the actress, and she did little to contradict their conclusion except for making a small “no” hand wave.

Kunis’ rep did not immediately respond to a request for confirmation, and a rep for Kutcher declined to comment on their marital status as well as Kunis’ TV appearance.

The U.K’s Daily Mirror reported that Corden checked with Kunis during the commercial break to make sure he hadn’t offended her with the bit, and she reportedly said, “It’s fine.”

However, Us Weekly chimed in with sources reportedly close to the couple who said they still are not married.


So, are they or aren’t they married? The answer is still, aggravatingly, “maybe.”

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