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Miley Cyrus ticks off Mexico by flossing big fake butt with its flag

Miley Cyrus is learning that the Mexican government don’t take no butts. At least not when that butt is getting nasty with the Mexican flag.

Wearing an oversized prosthetic backside, the singer went a twerk too far Tuesday night when a male backup dancer hit her fake hind end with the flag after first using said flag as butt floss -- TMZ has the video -- during her first of two concerts in Monterrey.

This on Mexican Independence Day.

So, bad timing, sure, but here’s the thing: Unlike the United States, Mexico actually has laws against messing with its flag, national seal and national anthem.


“I felt truly offended and annoyed by the fact that a foreign artist feels like she can come here and make fun of and mock our national flag on Independence Day ... ,” a Nuevo Leon state representative told CNN. “She brazenly made fun of our flag.”

At the request of the state’s legislature, the Mexican Interior Ministry is investigating the incident, Rep. Francisco Treviño said. The legislature also voted unanimously Wednesday to condemn her behavior.

She reportedly chugged a bunch of water and spit it all over her fans too, but that’s just disgusting, not illegal.

Cyrus first brought the fake butt onstage during a show in Puerto Rico.


The fine for messing with the Mexican flag comes with a $1,270 fine and up to 36 hours in jail, according to AFP, though an anonymous Interior Ministry spokesman said the concert promoter could be the one sanctioned, not the performer.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer has had her share of no-consequences fun with the American flag. She’s worn it as a onesie, used it as a backdrop for her “Party in the U.S.A.” video and demolished it during a GOP-bashing “SNL” parody of the video for her song “We Can’t Stop.”

The “Bangerz” tour has three more shows in Mexico before hitting Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Cyrus will then hop to New Zealand for a gig before wrapping the tour by the end of October with five performances in Australia.

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