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Miley Cyrus on ‘Wrecking Ball’: Just ignore her nakedness, duh!

Turns out Miley Cyrus is just like most women — she doesn’t really want you to stare at her body, she wants you to gaze deeply into her eyes.

Of course, she’d have you do this while she’s riding naked, save for boots, on a swinging wrecking ball.

Talking to New York’s Z100 radio station Wednesday — she was calling in from London, where she’s doing a photo shoot — Cyrus said that even though her video for “Wrecking Ball” was smashing records on YouTube, people were looking at it the wrong way. Turns out it’s not really sexy, it’s sad. Like the song.

“If people get past the point that I’m naked and you actually look at me, you can tell that I actually look more broken than even the song sounds,” said the singer, who in the video makes it awfully hard to get past the point that she’s naked.


“If people can take their minds off the obvious and go into their imagination a little bit and see what the video really means and the way that it is so vulnerable. ...,” she continued. “If you look at my eyes, I look more sad than actually my voice sounds on the record. It was a lot harder to actually do the video than it was to even record the song. It was much more of an emotional experience.”

So, emotion, eyes, imagination, vulnerability. Turns out Miley’s just a normal girl after all. Once you subtract the foam finger.

“Kind of anything that I do at this point it becomes such this big deal and for me, I’m just having fun, and whatever people label it as, it doesn’t really matter, I’m just having fun.”

If only the world would use its imagination.



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