MTV Movie Awards 2015: Best bits from the baby-blue carpet

<p>The Times’ Christy Khoshaba interviews “Victorious” and “Eye Candy” star Victoria Justice at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards.</p>


At the MTV Movie Awards, you never know who you’ll get to interview, and if you get them, what they’ll say – just like any red (or in this case, baby-blue) – carpet. But you know you might want to ask Victoria Justice about her latest crush, Khylin Rhambo about his oddest fan run-in, and the cast of “Faking It” about their behind-the-scenes moments.

With only a few minutes to talk to each star – sometimes only one question’s worth – you ask what there’s time for. A roundup of some of the more intriguing bits from our Q&As proves you can get all kinds of answers. Get your MTV popcorn ready, here we go:

Two girls, one crush. When you bring your sister to a red carpet, there’s a chance she won’t just mingle in the background, but could become part of your interview. Such is the case with MTV “Eye Candy” actress Victoria Justice, whose sister, Maddy, got wrangled into a Q&A. Victoria, in Versace plus uncomfortable stilettos, wasn’t sure whom to call her blue-carpet crush. Her sister also didn’t know. Until, that is, the two agreed they adored Viner Jerome Jarre. “I love his videos and I love that he’s so positive,” 22-year-old Victoria said.


Literally ‘Faking It’: On the set of MTV’s romantic comedy “Faking It,” the cast, like the characters they portray on screen, injected a little fun into their daily lives one day. The operation involved a hidden whoopee cushion. Classic, right? Jillian Rose Reed and a costar placed one of those bad boys underneath the seat of Brett Davern. “Brett thought he actually farted,” Reed said. To which Davern jumped in and said, “I think I said, ‘Oh, was that actually me,’ ” he recalled. “I thought I was so in the moment maybe I didn’t notice.” Pretty incredible, Reed added.

Hiyah! MTV “Teen Wolf” actress Arden Cho is ready to take on an action film. Sure, she gets a good dose of action on the wildly popular sci-fi drama. But she’s taking full-on flying in the air and hitting the ground with a perfect punch. So would the 29-year-old do her own stunts? “Oh yeah, I love it,” she said, wearing a coral cut-out number. “I think with stunts the most effective way is to do as much as you can on your own, and then the stunt performer does it, and they can edit it all together and make it work.” Movie magic.

Nothing to see here. On the set of the Elizabeth Banks-directed comedy “Pitch Perfect 2,” there just so happened to be a room chock-full of colorful balloons. “All of us girls were like 5-year-old kids who had never seen a balloon before,” said actress Chrissie Fit, who is one of the Barden Bellas in the film. With a team of fellow female actresses, including Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow, Fit said, “we just have fun with each other. We can do that and be happy.”

OMG, that’s him. “She was freaking out,” Khylin Rhambo began, recalling his most bizarre, and albeit flattering, fan experience. “I didn’t know they freak out like that.” In line at the movies, the MTV “Teen Wolf” star encountered an employee who held up the line after getting a glimpse of him. “She’s like ‘Oh my God, I know you from somewhere,’ ” he began. “I didn’t want to be like ‘Oh, yeah, ‘Teen Wolf’ you know.’ But I was like ‘Oh, do you watch MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf?’ ” Within seconds, tears ensued. Rhambo took a picture with her afterwards. No emergency visit necessary.

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