Are exes Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson the new Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt?

Are exes Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson the new Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt?
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart used to be a couple. They broke up. And folks think that has something to do with why he skipped the Venice Film Festival while he was filming a new movie. (Grant Lamos IV / Getty Images, left; Ian Gavan / Getty Images)

Kristen Stewart attended the Venice Film Festival over the weekend to promote her upcoming film "Equals." Robert Pattinson did not attend the Venice Film Festival over the weekend to premiere his upcoming film, "The Childhood of a Leader."

Why is that generating headlines? Because KStew and RPattz, like Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, are now linked for all time — like it or not — by speculation about how one is motivating what the other one does.


Because of course, nobody can move on. Ever. Ever ever.

Pattinson was said to have "avoided" the festival because he didn't want all the stories out of Venice to focus on "how he and Kristen were nearly bumping into each other." His "excuse" was work. That from a New York Post source in the paper's Page Six column.

The source said Pattinson had never intended to attend the festival, because of Stewart. Forget the fact that he might not have taken the jaunt because he was scheduled to be working on a movie.

Gossip Cop noticed a big flaw in the Post spy's argument: Since their 2013 split, Pattinson and Stewart have indeed simultaneously attended a professional event, November's Hollywood Film Awards. According to E! News at the time, the exes didn't cross paths while both were executing hosting duties, and the night went off without any Robsten drama.

And because nobody can move on, ever, it was also pointed out that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, who broke up 11 years ago, were both seen at the HFAs too. No smack down between those exes either.

It's as if these people worked in the same industry or something. And had moved on to break up with other people.

But the web, once woven, just keeps piling up more and more cobwebs online.

A month ago, People reported, Pattinson's wedding to singer FKA Twigs was said to have been pushed back because the clearly silly girl "can't decide" what type of wedding she wants. Oh my! But perhaps she shouldn't bother because her fiancé thinks she's too sexy onstage, where she works, and he's gotten "jealous" and "needy"?

At the same time, Stewart was recently rumored to be secretly married (she's not) to the friend her mom says she's not in a romantic relationship with.

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie is supposedly mad at Brad Pitt — to the point of throwing a phone — for texting smiley faces and heart emojis to Jennifer Aniston, who just married Justin Theroux after getting divorced from Pitt 10 years ago. (Um, yeah, Aniston's rep told Gossip Cop, that one's "made up" too. The secret calls and texts part, not the divorce and the new marriage. Those actually happened.)

Heartache never moves on. Except maybe for Liberty Ross, who just got engaged to Jimmy Iovine, after divorcing director Rupert Sanders, who'd cheated with Stewart, who then split up with Pattinson, who is apparently shooting some movie in Ireland.

So, what were we saying about the Venice Film Festival? Moving on ...

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