Sara Gilbert is pregnant, expecting a baby with wife Linda Perry

Sara Gilbert is pregnant, she announced Tuesday on “The Talk,” proving at the same time that she was willing to go to extremes to get out of a dare.

See, the five panelists on “The Talk” are opening the show’s fifth season this week by facing their fears through the time-tested “I dare ya” process. On Monday, Sheryl Underwood confronted her fear of snakes by spending time in a clear, closed box with a bunch of them slithering all over her.

But because the former “Roseanne” star is quite afraid of getting hurt, her dare was going to be a little less cuddly, involving beds of nails, a cinder block and a big hammer. For real.

“Before we go, I just want to say, I’m not going to do the dare,” Gilbert said after her task was described in great detail, “and I’m going to tell you guys why. We found out about the dares this week, they announced our dares, and I was scared to do it.


“And I really do believe in facing your fears and doing things that make you uncomfortable, but ... " she said, starting to tear up, as she’s been known to do when the show gets personal.

“I actually can’t do the dare because I’m pregnant.”

Cue the massive eruption of jumping and squealing panelists -- the 6-foot-tall Aisha Tyler even lifted the diminutive 5-foot-3 Gilbert up off the ground in her celebration.

“We’re having a baby at ‘The Talk,” Julie Chen said when the din died down, after the “Sara! Sara! Sara! Sara!” chant from the clapping audience. “I feel like all five of us are giving birth to this baby.” Who knows, they actually might have in the middle of all that excitement.

“The funniest thing,” Gilbert said, “was, when they were like, we’re gonna put you on a bed of nails and we’re gonna break a cinderblock on your stomach, I was like, ‘No, you’re not.’”

Underwood remembered that wife Linda Perry needed congratulations too. Conveniently, Perry was on hand, though she didn’t come on stage.

“I’m at @TheTalk_CBS watching my wife @THEsaragilbert and she is sooooo beautiful so smart,” the musician tweeted Tuesday.

Gilbert and Perry, who’ve been together since late 2011, got married in March after an 11-month engagement.

This will be the actress’ second pregnancy and her third child. She and former partner Allison Adler, who split in 2011 after a decade as a couple, had two kids together: son Levi, now 9, who was carried by Adler, and daughter Sawyer, who was carried by Gilbert and just turned 7 last week.

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