Tom Hanks’ first book, ‘Uncommon Type,’ will arrive in October

Tom Hanks, actor-director-producer, will soon add Tom Hanks, author, to his resume.
(Tommaso Boddi / AFP/ Getty Images)

It seems as if Tom Hanks has been in just about everything — and soon he can be in your library too. The two-time Oscar winner has a book of fiction coming out in October.

Titled “Uncommon Type: Some Stories,” the book features 17 stories that each involve a different variety of typewriter, Hanks’ collectible of choice, publisher Alfred A. Knopf announced Tuesday.

“In the two years of working on the stories,” Hanks said in the statement, “I made movies in New York, Berlin, Budapest and Atlanta and wrote in all of them. I wrote in hotels during press tours. I wrote on vacation. I wrote on planes, at home and in the office. When I could actually make a schedule, and keep to it, I wrote in the mornings from 9 to 1.”


Want a taste of what’s to come? Check out Hanks’ 2014 story, “Allan Bean Plus Four,” in the New Yorker. It’s what initially grabbed the attention of Knopf chairman and editor-in-chief Sonny Mehta, who said he “was struck by both his remarkable voice and command as a writer. I had hoped there might be more stories in the works.”

In addition to sharing his literary voice, Hanks will lend his actual spoken voice to the audio version of the book, which he’ll narrate.



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