Wynonna Judd talks about horrific crash that took husband’s leg

Wynonna Judd on Tuesday shared what it’s like when a loved one -- in this case her then-newlywed husband Michael “Cactus” Moser -- has a serious brush with death.

“It made us so strong that I dare anyone to try and come between us. We are almost bulletproof at this point,” the country singer told “Entertainment Tonight” about the August 2012 motorcycle wreck that cost Moser one of his legs.

It was a perfect day for riding Harleys with friends before a gig in Deadwood, S.D., Judd told “ET.”

“Wind in the hair, he’s 10 feet in front of me and it went from that to the sound like a tornado that you never forget,” she said. “I will never forget that smell nor that sound coming from two vehicles colliding, and me going on past him thinking, ‘Is he alive or dead? I have no idea.’”

Moser, a drummer in Judd’s band, had drifted across the center line on his motorcycle and collided with an oncoming car. His left leg was severed at the scene, a Judd rep said in a statement at the time. It was ultimately amputated above the knee.


Judd said when the crash occurred she dropped her bike and ran back to her husband, who she realized was still breathing.

“I got on my belly and looked right in his eyes ‘cause I knew if he closed his eyes that he would bleed out and that was it,” she said. “I was 10 feet behind him when the accident happened and I saw the leg shatter and go all over the road.”

Then it was time to go through the recovery process, which Judd said made her feel helpless at times.

“I became his nurse,” the singer said, “my glasses at the end of my nose, pushing saline up into the gaping wounds and wrapping them. ... The bottom line is it makes [you] or breaks you. You realize that you’re bonded in a life.”

The two had gotten married on her Tennessee farm just two months before the crash.

“When I said I do, I never dreamed I would go through as much as I did as soon as I did.”

Both said the accident only served to bring them closer together.


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