Exclusive ‘Bravest Warriors’ clip shows why Danny thinks the team would be better off without him

Watch an exclusive clip from this week’s episode of “Bravest Warriors.” 


Fighting bad guys to save the galaxy isn’t easy.

As if life as teenagers wasn’t already hard enough, being a team of heroes-for-hire means the Bravest Warriors have faced their fair share of danger and various life-threatening situations.

Based on a short by “Adventure Time” creator Pendleton Ward, “Bravest Warriors” is an animated series that follows a team of teenagers who travel the galaxy to help out aliens. The show is in its fourth season and airs on the streaming service VRV.

An exclusive clip for this week’s episode of “Bravest Warriors” shows the teens taking on what appears to be a pretty powerful foe. Seeing all of his friends get hurt taking on the giant bad guy leads Danny to think that the team might be better off without him.


Of course, with all the different kinds of aliens the Warriors have encountered, Danny should have known to be careful what he wishes for.

The newest episode of “Bravest Warrior” airs Friday. Watch the exclusive clip above.

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