Exclusive ‘Care Bears’ clip shows how the new villain’s plans are constantly thwarted

Watch an exclusive clip from the upcoming “Care Bears: Unlock the Magic” episode “Nobody’s Perfect.”

Being a villain can be tough, especially if you’re up against an entire team of Care Bears.

In an exclusive new clip from Boomerang’s upcoming animated series “Care Bears: Unlock the Magic,” fans get a glimpse of how Bluster’s plans keep getting thwarted by the protectors of Care-a-Lot.

A new villain introduced in the reboot, Bluster is the leader of the Bad Crowd who is working to expand Blusterland farther into the terrain surrounding Care-a-Lot called the Silver Lining. His efforts fly in the face of an agreement he made with the elder Care Bears ages ago to stay out of the area.


The new video highlights the many instances of the Care Bears showing up just in time to foil Bluster and his gang’s multiple attempts at disrupting the work of the Whiffles, the cute creatures tasked with tending to the Silver Lining and growing Care-a-Lot.

In fact, the Care Bears so routinely ruin Bluster and company’s fun that the Bad Crowd’s Rob thinks the heroes have the ability to track their “vibes of badness.”

The new clip is from an upcoming episode titled “Nobody’s Perfect,” which will see Cheer Bear lose so much confidence in her piloting skills after making some simple mistakes that she gives up her post as pilot of the Cloudseeker.

Hopefully, Cheer Bear will shake off her doubts in time to save the Whiffles and stop Bluster’s evil plans.

“Care Bears: Unlock the Magic” hits Boomerang’s stand-alone subscription streaming service on Feb. 1.

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