‘Care Bears: Unlock the Magic’s’ first-look trailer reveals a new mission and premiere date

The new Care Bears are ready to make their debut.

Boomerang released a first-look trailer for “Care Bears: Unlock the Magic” Tuesday, along with the announcement that the rebooted series following the animated adventures of the cute, colorful bears will premiere Feb. 1.

The new clip features Bedtime Bear introducing the show’s main players: Cheer Bear, Share Bear, Funshine Bear, Tenderheart, Good Luck Bear, Gumpy Bear and Wish Bear.

Their mission is to protect the Whiffles — innocent and generally happy creatures tasked with growing the magical land of Care-a-Lot and the neighboring Silver Lining — all while spreading caring and sharing throughout the universe.

The previously introduced Dibble, the Bears’ new friend and companion on their journeys, is a Whiffle.

Trying to stop them is the annoying and egocentric Bluster, the leader of the Bad Crowd. He wants the Silver Lining to be turned into Blusterland. According to Bedtime Bear, Bluster made a deal with the elder Care Bears ages ago, but is no longer interested in upholding his end of the agreement.


“Care Bears: Unlock the Magic” will be available on Boomerang’s stand-alone subscription streaming service.

Watch the new trailer below.

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