‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s’ next season will be ‘about a girl who is rebuilding her life’

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s” Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna discuss the show’s journey, what to expect for Season 4 and the importance of taking weekends off. 

Season 3 of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” ended with Rebecca pleading guilty to the attempted murder of the murderous Trent after pushing him off a rooftop.

The CW has renewed the musical comedy for a fourth season. Co-creators and executive producers Rachel Bloom (who also stars as Rebecca) and Aline Brosh McKenna discussed what fans can expect for the upcoming final season when they stopped by the L.A. Times studio at Comic-Con last week.

“Every season has ended with some sort of different vow,” explained Brosh McKenna. “At the end of the first season she admits why she’s in town, the end of the second season she vows revenge and at the end of the last season she’s trying to take responsibility for all the crappy things she’s done since she got to West Covina.”

“In this season we’re making more of an episodic show about a girl who is rebuilding her life,” added Bloom.


“And then about halfway through the season, we’re going to rip the parachute on another propulsive story that will take us to the end,” said Brosh McKenna.

Watch the interview above.

And, below, watch Bloom and Brosh McKenna talk about the song “Santa Ana Winds” from season 2, episode 11.

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" creators Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna walk us through the evolution of the song “Santa Ana Winds” from Season 2 episode 11.

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