The comic book world mourns the loss of artist Darwyn Cooke


On Saturday morning, Twitter erupted with messages of sorrow and sadness over the death of comic book illustrator Darwyn Cooke.

Everyone from director Guillermo del Toro to comic book writer Ed Brubaker, a former collaborator of Cooke's, took to Twitter to offer condolences and tributes to the late illustrator.

DC Comics released an official statement on the death of Cooke, including this statement from DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio: "He was both compassionate and combative, approaching everything he did with a tenaciousness and temerity that is now unheard of in a world afraid to offend. The simplistic brilliance of his art and the natural flow of his storytelling not only elevated but enhanced all projects he touched and his passion and love of comics was reflected in every panel of every page." The full statement at the DC Comics website is here, along with a large collection of Cooke's covers. 

Here are some of the addition online reactions and remembrances:

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