‘Lion King’ animator pays tribute to Cecil the lion


Last week the world lost a beloved African lion named Cecil. Today, the public mourns on with charitable donations, Beanie Baby tributes and now a “Lion King” memorial. Disney animator Aaron Blaise posted a time-lapse tribute that digitally paints the face of Cecil in the clouds, emulating the famous lion in the heavens from the animated film, Mufasa.

After learning the news of Cecil’s demise, the animator posted this statement and subsequent art onto his website Creature Art Teacher, “As some of you may also know I was one of the animators on “The Lion King” – When I heard the news about Cecil I got inspired to create a tribute image. It’s not much but hopefully it will make people think.”

The digital rendering calls upon the “Lion King” quote from character Mufasa (voiced by James Earl Jones): “Look at the stars. The great kings from the past look down upon us from those stars.” And then asks for donations to the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit.



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