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The Lone Gunmen will be back for the ‘X-Files’ reboot

The Lone Gunmen

Dean Haglund, left, Bruce Harwood and Tom Braidwood as the Lone Gunmen in “The X-Files.”

(Larry Watson / Fox)

It seems the “X-Files” reboot is set to bring back some fan-favorite conspiracy theorists from the dead.

Langly, Frohike and Byers, collectively known as the Lone Gunmen, will appear in the new series, actor Dean Haglund (who portrays Langly) confirmed in a tweet.

Introduced in the first season episode “E.B.E.” as government watchdogs and techno-geeks, the Lone Gunmen often used their expertise and connections to help Mulder and Scully (using less-than-conventional methods).

The trio’s popularity lead to a short-lived spinoff series starring Haglund, Tom Braidwood (Frohike) and Bruce Harwood (Byers) following their adventures in 2001.


While it’s no surprise that the “X-Files” revival is looking to reunite fans with familiar characters (William B. Davis and Mitch Pileggi will also be reprising their classic roles), the last time viewers saw the Lone Gunmen was as ghosts in the series finale following their deaths in the episode “Jump the Shark.”

IDW’s “X-Files: Season 10" comic book series reveals how the trio faked their deaths, but there’s no official word out yet whether the comic book series is still considered canon or if it will follow in the footsteps of the “Star Wars” expanded universe.

How will “The X-Files” conspiracy-theory them back to life?

The revival of “The X-Files” is set for a Jan. 24, 2016, premiere.


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