‘Preacher’s’ Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga discuss Jesse Custer’s journey

Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga of AMC’s “Preacher” discuss a few of the characteristics of Jesse Custer’s (Cooper) hero’s journey with the Los Angeles Times at San Diego Comic-Con International.

Things have never been easy for Jesse Custer on “Preacher,” and his Season 3 arc so far is no exception. His story kicked off this season with him trying to bring Tulip back to life.

Dominic Cooper (Jesse) and Ruth Negga (Tulip) delved into Jesse’s journey and what makes him such a compelling hero when the “Preacher” team stopped by the L.A. Times’ studio at Comic-Con last week.

“He’s in quite a predicament at the beginning of this season,” said Cooper. “He’s trying to resolve a situation that he’s actually completely and utterly to blame for, really.”

Negga added that it was Jesse’s complexities and flaws that make his story both difficult and so interesting.


“It’s a hero’s journey … and that’s always the most difficult one,” said Negga. “It’s not always the most easiest of places to go because you have to be the good person. And you’re not really allowed to veer off that path. So I always think it’s quite complicated for the hero.”

Cooper and Negga noted that most heroes aren’t allowed to have any “defects” and that’s what makes Jesse different.

Watch the clip above.

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