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New ‘Daredevil’ trailer shows Elektra and Daredevil in action

The second trailer for Netflix’s “Daredevil” series is back and dropping all sorts of comic-book goodies. First, there’s the introduction of the hotly anticipated newcomer Elektra Natchios.

This is the first bit of action we’re getting on Matt Murdock’s old love interest. Comics-wise, we know that Elektra is one of the most capable and dangerous women in the Marvel Universe, and if the ninja assassin is making her presence felt, it’s probably trouble. And it looks like in the trailer Elektra is still a very real threat to villains in Hell’s Kitchen. 

Other notable details in the new trailer include the introduction of the big bad Hand and the addition of the red eyes on our hero. So much comic-book goodness. 

The first, Punisher-centric trailer was released a few weeks ago:


Clearly the Punisher is going to make his presence felt and his message clear in the new season: “You hit ‘em and they get back up. I hit ‘em and they stay down.”

That’s Frank Castle’s modus operandi, and in the new trailer for “Daredevil,” it’s clear that Castle, aka the Punisher, and his murderous methods will be a central theme.

The previous trailer also explained a bit about Castle’s backstory -- how his family was killed and he’s out to get the people responsible. And by “get,” we mean kill. Seems as if he’s running through crime families/syndicates, but possibly endangering anyone who would get in his way. That’s where Matt and Foggy and Karen Page come in, rationalizing that Daredevil’s existence may have paved the way for a man like the Punisher to exist.


Season 2 will begin streaming on Netflix on March 18.

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