‘BFG’ trailer shows the face of Roald Dahl’s friendly giant


If you ever wondered what Roald Dahl’s words and Quentin Blake’s illustrations for “The BFG” would look like in real life, Steven Spielberg just answered that question.

Adapted from the 1982 book “The BFG,” short for the Big Friendly Giant, Spielberg’s latest Disney film brings the large creatures from Dahl’s world to life. And for die-hard fans, it looks like almost all of the book’s trappings are still in place.

The titular character’s unusually large ears appear to be intact, as does his dream blower and the disgusting vegetable known in Giant Country as the snozzcumber (you can see the BFG cutting into it with his giant knife/axe).


The story puts the BFG and the little orphan girl Sophie together when the BFG overhears her loneliness. Sophie is whisked away to Giant Country, where she witnesses dream catching and all sorts of whimsical and weird absurdities (How could we forget the frobscottle that causes giant flatulence? It should be interesting to see if Spielberg keeps that element in the film).

In the live action translation, the BFG will be voiced by Oscar winner Mark Rylance, and little Sophie will be played by Ruby Barnhill. Other cast members include Bill Hader as Bloodbottler and Jemaine Clement as Fleshlumpeater. And if the character names are any indication, yes, they are playing giants. It also looks like Disney isn’t shying away from Dahl’s often dark fantasy world building.

“The BFG” will premiere in theaters July 1.


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