Warner Bros. iconic water tower gets superhero makeover

(Saba Hamedy / Los Angeles Times)

For "Supergirl" star Melissa Benoist and other visitors to the Warner Bros. lot Monday night, "Star Wars" news seemed like a galaxy far, far away.

Just over an hour after Walt Disney Studios released the new "Star Wars" trailer during Monday Night Football, Warner Bros. Television unveiled a "superhero makeover" for the Burbank lot's iconic water tower.

The four new panels, which are 22 feet by 20 feet in size and weigh more than 5,000 pounds each, will be on display for 90 days. They feature DC Comics characters from the television shows "Gotham," which airs on Fox; "Arrow" and "The Flash," on the CW network, co-owned by CBS Corp. and Warner Bros.; and "Supergirl," which premieres on CBS on Monday, Oct. 26.

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The water tower, a historical landmark that was built in 1927, is a 100,000-gallon tank but currently holds no water. It was part of the inspiration behind the 1990s cartoon show "Animaniacs" produced by Steven Spielberg.

Monday night's guests were offered rides up a cherry picker to the panels just below the 100-foot-high water tower. "Supergirl's" Benoist was the first to soar for the unique selfie op.

But the fun began before the tower's makeover reveal. Media guests were given few details about the secret event. Upon arrival, they were taken on golf carts to an area on the Warner Bros. lot and given a coin with a clue to guide them to their destination.

The clue read: "This coin has power...which you must use for entry @ The Tower. As night falls upon the city, evil will rise...but good is always a welcome surprise."

Golf carts dropped guests off by a violinist. After tipping the coin to the musician, guests were told to head to the nearby newsstand. There, a bouncer asked for a password allowing entrance into a superhero-themed makeshift speakeasy.

Inside, snacks, specialty cocktails in mason jars (deemed "The Hero" and "The Villain") and a jazz band greeted guests. DC Comic themed clues, including newspaper clippings with the show's characters and costumes for "Arrow" and "The Flash," served as decor around the room.

Even comedian Billy Gardell made an appearance.

After the "cops" busted in, guests were ushered back to the golf carts and led to the water tower.

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