WonderCon artists challenge: How fast can you draw the Flash?

Artists in Artists’ Alley at WonderCon take the challenge to see how fast they can draw the Flash.


This past weekend we cruised the aisles of Artists’ Alley looking for comic book creatives who would be willing to take on a creative challenge. Specifically we wanted to know how fast these pros could whip up an image of DC Comics’ super fast super, the Flash.

Professional comic artists Bill Sienkiewicz and Annie Wu, cartoonists, painters and illustrators from all around stepped up to the plate, and we captured it all on camera.

Here’s the collection of creators who allowed us to film them drawing the Flash in a flash:


Patrick Ballesteros - Illustrator

Dan Goodsell - Creator of “The World of Mr Toast”

Annie Wu - Artist on “Black Canary” and storyboard artist for “The Venture Bros.”

Rick Kitagawa - Visual artist and silk-screen printer

Ray-Anthony Height - Creator of “Midnight Tiger”

Timothy Prettyman - Illustrator

Patty McPancakes - Artist, dinosaur skull sketcher


Bill Sienkiewicz - Artist for “The New Mutants,” “Elektra: Assassin” and more