What Wonder Woman experts had to say about ‘Batman v Superman’s’ Diana Prince


Wonder Woman can still draw a crowd. After this weekend’s debut of the long-awaited Wonder Woman (played by actress Gal Gadot) the WonderCon panel “She’s Finally Here! Wonder Woman: Her Fandom’s Perspective,” was packed to the gills (some attendees started waiting 30 minutes before the scheduled time) with people ready to discuss the new Diana Prince.

And if the stakes weren’t high enough for this character, just read at what the panel was previously labeled in the paper WonderCon program, “Wonder Woman: Will She Finally Be Done Right?”

Moderated by Jessica Tseang, the lineup featured Steven L. Sears (executive producer, writer “Xena: Warrior Princess”), Lisa Klink (“Star Trek Voyager,” “Roswell”), Barbra Dillon (managing editor of Fanboy Comics), Eric Diaz (writer for Nerdist, Topless Robot), Michael Fitzgerald Troy (“Going Gaga!,” “Adele #1,” Prism Comics) and Drew Johnson (who worked with Greg Rucka on DC’s “Wonder Woman”). So what did this panel of experts think about “Batman v Superman’s” new Wonder Woman? Pretty upbeat, and cautiously optimistic for the future.


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Here’s what the pop culture experts had to say. Slight spoilers for the film below. It only took one question from the moderator to spark a pretty interesting debate.

Jessica Tseang: Did you like how she was portrayed? Yes or no?

Lisa Klink: Yes. It’s a fairly brief appearance, and we don’t really find out an awful lot about her — it’s essentially like a teaser. But yeah, I liked her.

Drew Johnson: I thought they did a really good job with her as well.

Steven L. Sears: I’m optimistic about it. I enjoyed it. There was not enough there. I will say that the little bits and pieces of the trailers I’ve seen about the “Wonder Woman” movie — that one I will admit I have a little more concern about. But I thought her portrayal was well done.

Barbra Dillon: I have to agree with Steven. There were some elements of her interactions with other characters that concerned me in this movie, and the perhaps the male perspective of the filmmaking that affected her character. But overall Gal Godot as an actress gave a wonderful performance and she looked great.

Klink: Yeah, good casting. I definitely approve of the actress.

Sears: I think there was some movement and directorial choices in there that Barbra and I actually talked about yesterday that we kind of ... They’re very small things. Literally it’s a way a man actually touches her at one point I was like, “that arm should be gone.”

Dillon: It was cringe-worthy.

Eric Diaz: I was pretty happy with her. It’s basically an extended cameo, but she did the best with what she had. And I thought the casting was great. I love that she’s not American. I never thought that they would do that. That they would get a foreign person to play a foreign character, you know.


Dillon: And not just a British dialect.

Diaz: Yeah, not just a British dialect, which is the go-to foreign person. So yeah I was happy with her.

Johnson: And the stuff about her past that they were kind of previewing, it got me really excited about the movie. The picture that they showed reminded me a lot of a picture of “Hellboy” when they first came out with him and that’s the kind of picture that gets you excited and want to know more about what’s coming and I’m ready for the movie now … It’s not a big spoiler! I didn’t say what was in the picture.

The conversation moved on as “Wonder Woman Wednesday” columnist Troy admitted to not yet having seen the film, but he he still had thoughts to share about his initial impression of Godot’s incarnation of Wonder Woman.

“I’m not in love with the costume, I’m sorry” Troy confessed. “It’s grown on me somewhat but I will never be in love with the costume. Hopefully she’ll evolve and get better costumes as the movies go on.”

Sears, who worked on the “Xena” TV series, was not as disappointed with Wonder Woman’s appearance. When the outfit was first revealed, some fans noticed that her costume was reminiscent of the leather worn by Xena in “Xena: Warrior Princess.” Sears said he took the resemblance as a form of flattery.

So there you have it. Do you agree with the Wonder Woman experts?

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