Tessa Thompson and David Harbour go monster hunting in trailers for new ‘Men in Black’ and ‘Hellboy’


It’s a good day to be a movie fan and a bad day to be a monster, as trailers for “Men In Black International” and “Hellboy” both dropped Thursday morning.

It’s a new era in the trailer for “Men In Black International,” narrated by Liam Neeson and featuring “Thor: Ragnarok” dream team Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth. It’s also the first mention of the film’s official title.

The new footage features Thompson seeking out the Men in Black, despite the organization being the world’s best-kept secret, and persuading Emma Thompson — who’s now serving silver-fox realness — to allow her to join the agency.


Dorks who check out the international trailer for the film will discover that Tessa Thompson’s character is then assigned to the London bureau to suss out a mole who is almost certainly Neeson, because when has it ever not been Neeson?

The trailer itself is a nice little throwback to the “Men in Black” franchise, with all the gadgets and well-tailored suits that entails. Hopefully, future footage allows more space for Thompson and especially Hemsworth to showcase their significant comedy chops or, at the very least, let them silently smolder at each other.

“Men In Black International” is scheduled for release in summer 2019.

In other comic-book film franchise news, “Stranger Things” sheriff David Harbour stars in the first trailer for “Hellboy,” also released Thursday.

The Neill Marshall-helmed project is a reboot of the comic featuring the scarlet-skinned superhero, after Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro was denied the opportunity to make a third film in his “Hellboy” series in 2017.

Harbour seems comfortable slipping into the cloven hooves of the character previously portrayed by Ron Perlman, cracking wise and capturing the humanity at the center of a hero who looks anything but human.


Also, Ian McShane (“Deadwood”) appears, and he’s great.

“Hellboy” lands in theaters on April 12.