SHOWBIZ 7s: Tips to create a YouTube phenomenon

Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

Lots of YouTube videos get watched, tons get passed around, but only a few reach the highest echelon of YouTube glory: LonelyGirl15; the inspirational speaker who demonstrates the entire history of dance; and Liam Sullivan’s video “Shoes,” in which he assumes the identity of a Valley girl named Kelly and sings about shoes that rock and shoes that suck.

“Shoes” has been viewed over 25 million times, and so we asked him how to create a YouTube phenomenon.

Here’s what he said:

“My video ‘Shoes’ has been viewed a lot on YouTube, and sometimes people ask me, How did you make a video that has been viewed a lot on YouTube? Here are the easy steps I followed:”

1. “I did not try to make a hit video on YouTube."2. “I did not know what I was doing."3. “I wore a platinum blond wig, glasses, a pleather jacket and magentalipstick. Then I got BEHIND the camera."4. “I did not forget to press the record button on the camera."5. “Once the camera was rolling, I encouraged my actors to '[expletive] around.’ And I pronounced the '@' as an “uh” sound.6. “I edited the video using Final Cut Pro on my iMac. I made the music using Garageband. (Hello, Steve Jobs! Can I get a sponsorship?)"7. “I did not follow anyone’s advice on how to make a hit video onYouTube.”

“That’s about it. I guess the only thing I had in mind was making people laugh. Thank you for reading.”

Liam Sullivan will be performing at the House of Blues in Los Angeles on August 25. You can check out his alter ego’s MySpace page here: