Marilyn Monroe
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Hollywood thin then and now

Marilyn Monroe

What can we say? She filled out a dress. (Matty Zimmerman / AP)
Jayne Mansfield

With those hips, would she even get a call-back for a love-interest role today? (
Julie Christie

Heaven had plenty of room for her. (
Mary Tyler Moore

Back then, a working girl could still eat lunch. (Viacom / Mary Tyler Moore Show)
Kathleen Turner

Her figure had more than enough kindling for body heat. (Francois Duhamel / 20th Century Fox)
Goldie Hawn

An icon of fun with realistic proportions. (Scott Nelson / AFP)
Meryl Streep

The focus was always on her acting chops. (Brian VanderBrug / LAT)
Julia Roberts

The last of the unemaciated romantic comediennes? (Myung J. Chun / LAT)
Nicole Kidman

A sometimes disturbingly ethereal body. (Brian VanderBrug / LAT)
Cate Blanchett

Shrinking as she racks up her Oscars. (Damon Winter / LAT)
Kate Bosworth

Has had more than a few scary-skinny moments. (Ferdaus Shamim /
Jessica Alba

Defines the new willowy-hot look. (Lefteris Pitarakis / AP)
Ellen Pompeo

Even hospital scrubs don’t add any pounds to her frame. (Anne Cusack / LAT)
Teri Hatcher

The lean and hungry look. (Mark J. Terrill / AP)
Angelina Jolie

Withering in the Brangelina glare. (
Mary-Kate, left, and Ashley Olsen

Leaders of the pack of troubled, ultra-thin tabloid princesses. (Mark Mainz / Getty Images)