Fast Track: Nicolas Cage arrested, saved by 'Dog'

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Monday.

Nicolas Cage got himself arrested in New Orleans over the weekend. Luckily for him, Dog the Bounty Hunter was there to bail him out. (Los Angeles Times)

With a full lineup of 21st century bands, Coachella was no nostalgia fest this year. (Los Angeles Times)

The TV Land Awards, however, were a total nostalgia fest. (Los Angeles Times)

After seven straight weeks of depressed box office, movie grosses appear back on track. (Los Angeles Times)

A 9/11 conspiracy group is threatening to protest Charlie Sheen's live shows because they feel he abandoned them. (TMZ)

Cassette tapes are becoming cool collectors items again. Where's the 8-track love? (Baltimore Sun)

Rebecca Black has an EP in the works. (TMZ)

Report: Madonna has ditched Kabbalah for a religion that'll have some significance for Dan Brown fans. (Mirror)

The Philadelphia Orchestra has filed for bankruptcy. (Associated Press)

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 2" has a newly reshot ending. That's a good thing. (Entertainment Weekly)

Natalie Portman's dance double for "Black Swan" is still talking to the media. What else is left to say? (Hollywood Reporter)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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