Fast Track: Morrissey is one Brit who's not thrilled with the royal wedding

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Thursday:

Morrissey has called the royal family "benefit scroungers" and will be skipping the royal wedding. (BBC)

The host of MTV's increasingly popular Movie Awards this year is ... Jason Sudeikis?!? (Los Angeles Times)

Tonight is the end of the road for Steve Carell on "The Office." (Los Angeles Times)

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump finally has a celebrity endorsement in Joey Lawrence. "Whoa!" indeed. (Fox News)

Dreamy silver fox Scott Pelley is likely to replace Katie Couric in the "CBS Evening News" anchor seat. (Huffington Post)

Elmer Lynn Hauldren, the Empire carpet guy, has died. He came up with the jingle: "5-8-8. 2-300. Empirrrrre!" (Chicago Tribune)

"Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider" have a combined 70 staffers in London to cover the royal wedding. (Hollywood Reporter)

The plans for the final episodes of Oprah Winfrey's show are taking on royal wedding-ian proportions (Entertainment Weekly)

Star magazine is apologizing to Katie Holmes after the actress sued concerning a story suggesting she was a drug addict. (Los Angeles Times)

The "(500) Days of Summer" guys have written a royal wedding movie. (Deadline)

"Beastly" actor Alex Pettyfer has a tattoo that reads "thank you" in an indelicate place. He has it there "in case I forget to say it." (New York Post)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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