Britney Spears sheds meltdown-era home, gains a co-conservator

Britney Spears is taking a multimillion-dollar loss by selling her Beverly Hills-area home, but she’ll be shedding some bad memories along with that square footage.

The mansion -- purchased in a big rush in December 2006 after the pop star filed for divorce and left the Malibu home she’d shared with Kevin Federline -- is the same joint she was embarrassingly hauled out of more than once on her way to mental health-related hospitalizations in 2008.

There was always the whiff of buyer’s remorse around the mansion in a gated community off Mulholland, which she’d bought fully furnished and moved into in a matter of days, even before escrow closed. She’s been trying unsuccessfully to sell it starting in mid-2007, with an initial asking price of $7.45 million, more than the nearly $7.2 million she’d just plunked down just months before.

(Real-estate junkies might recall Southern California housing values peaking right about that time, before starting their burst-bubble free fall.)


Spears -- or rather, her conservatorship -- finally listed the house for $2.995 million this March in a sale requiring court approval. The court Tuesday approved a $4.253 million offer, heading off a Wednesday hearing TMZ said would have probably brought uncertainty to the situation in the form of other bids.

But there was still some legal action Wednesday: Jason Trawick was approved as his fiancee’s co-conservator, joining dad Jamie Spears in watching out for Brit’s best interests. The conservatorship, put in place as a temporary measure after the singer’s 2008 meltdown, was made permanent later that year and will remain in place until word from her doctors convinces a judge that she’s fit to manage her own affairs.

As for possible conflicts of interest: Trawick, who proposed in December, won’t have control over his future wife’s financial affairs.

“Jamie’s thrilled,” Trawick’s attorney said after the hearing, People reported. “It’s all in the family.”



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