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LeAnn Rimes: Rehab, lawsuit make for a busy week

LeAnn Rimes is having a stressful week.

Bing-bang-boom, the country singer turned 30 on Tuesday, headed to a treatment facility Wednesday and then filed a lawsuit Thursday alleging invasion of privacy by some folks who’ve allegedly been harassing her on the Internet.

OK, her lawyer actually filed the suit on her behalf, but still, the Labor Day holiday is probably sounding pretty good to Mrs. Eddie Cibrian right about now.

First, the birthday: Though she celebrated it on Aug. 18 with a “Die, 20s, die!” themed party, her odometer actually cranked over this week. “1982 babies RULE!!!,” she tweeted Tuesday.


Second, the rehab: It’s not for substance abuse or an eating disorder, her rep said, but rather a program so she can learn to deal with anxiety and stress. “This is just time for me to emotionally check out for a second and take care of myself and be back in 30 days as the best 30-year-old woman I can be,” she told People.

And finally the lawsuit, which might give a hint as to why she’s doing the rehab thing.

Rimes is suing two women -- allegedly Brandi Glanville fans, according to TMZ -- whom she says recorded a private conversation she had with one of them last spring and distributed excerpts online “to portray Ms. Rimes in an egregiously false and negative light and cause her emotional distress.” (In California it’s illegal to record a phone call without the consent of all parties involved.)

Meanwhile Glanville, former wife of Rimes’ current husband, a man whom Rimes was rumored to be involved with before he divorced Glanville, was saying nice things about her kids’ stepmom.


“I totally support LeAnn’s decision to enter rehab,” Glanville told Us Weekly in a statement Thursday. "[M]y top priority is my children, and at the end of the day we are a family. ... I am wishing her all the best and I hope she will find what she is looking for while in rehab.”


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