Connor Cruise visits Tom on location; hits Comic-Con for DJ gig


It’s back to business for Tom Cruise and his son, Connor Cruise.

The two have had an eventful couple of weeks, to say the least, with Katie Holmes’ divorce filing June 28 and the couple’s subsequent settlement 11 days later.

Connor, 17, whose mom is Tom’s ex-wife Nicole Kidman, paid a visit Thursday to the California set of the elder Cruise’s new action flick, “Oblivion.”

While his dad filmed at a location nestled in a sleepy mountain range, Connor zipped around in basketball shorts and rocked some longer hair.


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Then Friday the youngster was off to San Diego, where he’d booked a DJ gig spinning tunes in celebration of the film “Expendables 2,” starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“He seemed very upbeat, and he looked great,” a partygoer told People. “He seemed to be having a great time performing for the crowd. Everyone totally ate it up! They were really getting into the music he was playing.”

Connor and his sister Isabella reside in California. Katie and Suri will reportedly set up shop in New York City, per the divorce settlement, with generous visitation for Tom and his youngest tyke.


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