Ann Curry getting $10 million to leave ‘Today’?


Ann Curry is reportedly getting at least $10 million to leave “Today,” the nation’s No. 1 morning show.

If TMZ’s “network sources” are correct, Curry will find herself amid the ranks of millions of Americans who are out of a job, albeit with a nice chunk of severance thanks to a three-year contract guaranteeing her that amount annually.

Also, unlike the rest of those unemployed Americans, the journalist probably doesn’t have to worry too much about where her next paycheck — or her next job — will come from. Curry will reportedly take time off before returning to the airwaves as a foreign correspondent for NBC, the New York Post said Monday.


A big-time payday, however many zeros it may or may not contain, would go a long way toward soothing any embarrassment she might feel now that the saga of her supposed ouster has been playing out in the media for days.

(“Here today, gone tomorrow”? Really, “Today” show graphics department?)

The 55-year-old, who cohosts with Matt Lauer, took the gig over a year ago from Meredith Vieira. “Today” is the No. 1 morning show, but its ratings have eroded of late, and many believe Curry is fulfilling the role of the sacrificial lamb as the network scrambles to reboot, with some whispering about her lack of “chemistry” with Lauer.

One thing Curry is not lacking? Class.

When the news of her supposed departure started making the rounds last week, there was some speculation that she wouldn’t show up for work. Throughout this ordeal — which, we need to stress, is still rumored! — Curry has remained the picture of poise and grace. Even her Twitter account yields no hint that anything is amiss.

Nonetheless, the media’s new favorite parlor game is “Who will replace Ann Curry?”

According to the N.Y. Daily News, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb are seen as the front-runners for the gig.

Robert Barnett, the high-profile Washington, D.C., attorney who represents Curry, told the Los Angeles Times on Monday that he had no comment on rumors about Curry’s fate. An email seeking comment from NBC was not returned before this article was posted online.


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