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Kristen Stewart on ‘Twilight’ fame: ‘It’s like you don’t exist’

In “Snow White and the Huntsman,” Kristen Stewart’s title character embodies hope for an entire kingdom, and uneasily so at times. It’s a sentiment the “Twilight” star can relate to.

The 22-year-old actress recently told Interview magazine she knows how it feels to be put on a pedestal. She said, “The fans and people who loved ‘Twilight,’ they do put you on this sort of different plane where you’re not real.” Stewart added, “It’s like you don’t exist.”

Stewart also said of her character, “There’s so much that Snow White has been deprived of in terms of having the proper time to really develop and hone who she is. She’s put in jail at the beginning of her life, so she’s a stunted person. She has a really idealized concept of what the world is … and there is this debilitating isolation that she feels because she has been locked away in a little cell for seven years. And I can kind of relate to that.”

Stewart also talked about what she has in common with “Snow White” costar Charlize Theron, who plays the evil queen Ravenna. “We only had a few days together, but we both are absolutely willing to hurt ourselves to do what it takes to get the right feeling, and not all actors are like that,” Stewart said. “Most actors like to be really comfy.”


Stewart went on to praise Theron as “a … movie star” (adding an expletive for emphasis) and suggested that she downplays her own charisma: “I think she loves being an actor and is so true to it that she might not acknowledge everything she’s capable of.”

“Twilight” fans would likely agree the same is true of Stewart.


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