Britney Spears’ dad punched, threatened to kill me, Sam Lutfi says

The allegations against Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, poured out Wednesday as Sam Lutfi continued on the stand in his defamation lawsuit against the pop star’s parents and her conservatorship.

Lutfi, under direct questioning, said Jamie Spears chased him around Britney’s kitchen, punched him in the stomach and threatened to kill him in the days leading up to the singer’s 2008 hospitalization on a 5150 psychiatric hold, the Associated Press reported.

Brit’s former BFF was asking the judge to allow into evidence a text message in which Jamie allegedly threatened to put Lutfi in the hospital, TMZ said.

Lutfi also denied allegations made in a book by Lynne Spears, saying he never was controlling Britney’s life and did not take measures to isolate her from her family. The self-styled manager reportedly broke down in tears on the stand as he described the negative fallout in his life after Spears’ book was published.


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On Tuesday, Lutfi had described meeting Spears in 2007, and detailed how he supposedly alleviated her paparazzi problem by texting photographers about where she was going at a given time, so they could follow at a safe distance. He maintained that he was Britney’s lifeline at a time when she was estranged from her parents and spiraling out of control.

While admitting that he had an Adderall prescription for his own ADD, Lutfi on Tuesday denied supplying Spears with any drugs. His lawyer on Monday accused Britney of heavy amphetamine use.

Lutfi still faces cross-examination.

On Monday, record exec Barry Weiss said he never considered Lutfi to be Spears’ manager, but rather a personal assistant or “gofer” type whose job it was to keep Britney on set while they were making a music video. She had no manager at the time, Weiss said.

If Lutfi were Spears’ manager, he would be entitled to 15% of her earnings during the time they worked together -- a time when Lutfi says Britney talked of earning $800,000 a month even when she wasn’t working.

He is suing for damages for defamation, and also seeking that 15% cut. The family had a restraining order put in place against Lutfi in 2008.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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