Mila Kunis turns the tables on nervous BBC interviewer [Video]

Never let it be said Mila Kunis isn’t a take-charge kind of gal. Witness the interview above, in which she runs away with the chat in an interview theoretically conducted by BBC radio reporter Chris Stark.

Stark is a bit star-struck — “Seriously, I’m petrified ... I’ve never done this before,” he says — and Kunis perhaps a bit bored with repetitive press-junket questions. It’s a recipe for fun as she turns the tables in the interview.


“What about this is frightening to you, tell me?” she asks.

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“I’m kind of, I’m talking right to you now, there’s like, cameras everywhere, there’s a lot of people. They’re all smiling and that, so it’s all fine. It’s a bit of an unnatural environment. I’m used to being down to my local pub with the boys.”

And that kicked off a range of topics: Jagermeister bombs and the even more disgusting “lad bombs,” beer, his buddies’ names, the massive “lad points” he’s going to get for having interviewed her ... the football (don’t call it soccer!) and chicken were still to come.

“I should get back to the questions,” he notes.

“Why?” she pleads. “This is way more fun for me, I have to tell you. Please!”

After some off-camera prodding to talk about, oh, say, the film, Kunis launches into a monologue of rapid-fire “Oz: The Great and Powerful” info.

“Let me just give you answers that I know you’re going to ask,” she says, and she does just that.

But wait! Apparently the pause in the action gave Stark a second to think of a couple questions of his own. Would she accompany him to his friend’s wedding? Why not, she says, she’s been to the Marine Corps Ball — until she realizes she’s going to be working in June, so no dice.

“Mila, thank you so much,” Stark says, “and I hope that was all right.”

“I had a great interview,” she says with a laugh.

Watch the video to get the full effect. And to learn what Kunis can do with a beer.


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