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Duchess Kate and the wayward “D” — did she reveal baby’s gender?

Is the former Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge, having a baby girl? A possible slip of the tongue on Tuesday had gossips going full speed ahead on Wednesday.

The talk is all about the letter “D” — as in, “D for daughter.” Also, “D for denial.” And “D for difficult to hear even if you watch the original Sky News video over and over again.”


While greeting admirers on a “walkabout” during a visit to the fishing village of Grimsby, Kate accepted a gift teddy bear from a woman, and was captured on video saying, “Oh, is this for our d ... thank you so much.”

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The moment happens in a flash, and perhaps would have been missed were it not for another woman on the line — one with very sharp ears, apparently — who asked, “Did you say, ‘my daughter’?”

The duchess was quick with a denial, which you can see in the video below.

‘No, my. Oh, my? Oh, no, no, no. I’m sure, I’m sure. We don’t know, so ...”

St. James’s Palace wasn’t talking, said Sky, whose body-language expert saw signs that Kate was fibbing when she was saying no. But according to the Mail Online, Britain’s major bookmakers have changed the odds on the baby’s gender to favor a future princess.


And as for Sandra Cook, the woman who swears she heard the “D”?

“I only hope that she doesn’t now give birth to a boy or I’m going to look pretty stupid,” she told the Mail.

The baby is due in July.




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