A prom ‘maybe’ from Kate Upton? Score one for L.A.'s Jake Davidson

Sherman Oaks high schooler Jake Davidson got an awesome wake-up call Wednesday morning as he found himself on the phone with Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton, whom he’d recently very publicly invited to his prom — via YouTube.

Chalk one up for “It never hurts to ask.”

Upton had answered Tuesday afternoon via Twitter with a firm “maybe,” saying, “You can call me Katie if you want! How could I turn down that video! I’ll check my schedule.” Then the “Today” show snagged Davidson from bed in the wee hours Wednesday for a 7:45 a.m. chat about his video. (That’s Eastern time — you do the math.)

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And then the show surprised the high school senior with a call-in from Upton.

Back it up a second, though. Davidson on Saturday had posted a funny YouTube video asking Upton to his prom. (Watch it above.) While showing himself off in the shower, shaving and doing push-ups as he got ready to pop the big question, he described her as the “ying” to his “yang.”


“I’m Jewish, 5-9 on a really good day and can’t dance at all. You’re Christian, 5 foot 10, and that cat daddy video should have won an Oscar for best short film.”

Oh, but they have things in common. “You like sports; I like sports. You like fine dining; I like fine dining. You’re on the cover of Sports Illustrated. I read Sports Illustrated.”

You get the idea. Very cute. And he didn’t even mention that he’s class president at Milken Community High School in Bel-Air, editor of the school paper and has perfect SAT scores, according to KTLA.

So back to the “Today” show, where Davidson explained his motivations. “She’s obviously very pretty ... she likes sports. She’s young. We’re close in age. Give it a try. See what happens.”

Well, what happened was that call-in from 20-year-old Upton.

From his expression Wednesday, the senior hadn’t expected to wind up on national TV talking to the girl of his dreams.

“I absolutely loved the video,” she said. “It was so hilarious and so creative. I mean, thank you so much for doing that. I really appreciate it.”

Davidson pulled himself together and made his pitch, pointing out that they could have a nice dinner beforehand and maybe he could even get his curfew extended from 11 p.m.

“I definitely have to check my schedule,” said Upton, “but you seem like so much fun, and if everything works out, I’d love to go with you. I know we’d have a blast.”

Well, prom’s May 23. Let’s see if the New York-based Upton can make it!


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