Memorable moments from MTV Movie Awards’ first 25 years

Turning 25 years old is a major milestone in anyone’s life. It’s the point at which one is expected to put away childish things in favor of more grown-up and mature activity. Unless, of course, the one coming of age is the MTV Movie Awards. To celebrate the momentous occasion, the award show, hosted by Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, will be taped live on the Warner Bros. backlot to air Sunday. And if the history of the show is any indication, there will be plenty of childish antics to go around.

Over the years, the music network’s effort to honor the film industry’s biggest movies and stars has had a life any other award show would envy. In honor of its 25th anniversary, take a look at some of the most memorable moments of the MTV Movie Awards since its inception:

Sacha Baron Cohen lands in Eminem’s lap

2009 MTV Movie Awards

Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards.

(Kevin Mazur / WireImage)

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen is known for taking on comedic personas. One of his most popular is Bruno, a flamboyantly gay fashionista. In 2009, through an aerial stunt, he brought the character to the MTV Movie Awards stage wearing a white angel costume, complete with a matching jockstrap and go-go boots. As he descended from the ceiling, he landed face first into Eminem’s crotch, with his own crotch in the rapper’s face. This prompted a pretty convincing storm-out by Eminem and his squad. It was later revealed that Eminem was in on the entire stunt.

Vin Diesel pays tribute to the late Paul Walker

2015 MTV Movie Awards

Vin Diesel at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards.

(Kevin Mazur/MTV1415 / WireImage)

The MTV Movie Awards has always been a space where films like “The Fast and the Furious” franchise have been uplifted. As such, when Vin Diesel took to the stage last year to present an award, his first time doing so since his costar Paul Walker died in a 2013 car accident, he sang a few lines of “See You Again” in tribute to his friend. The track was the featured single from the “Furious 7" soundtrack — and would go on to be nominated for a Golden Globe this year.


“Twilight” stars pucker up (finally)

2010 MTV Movie Awards

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

(Christopher Polk / Getty Images)

Perhaps the best MTV Movie Awards kiss goes to Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in 2005, but the most anticipated over the years has been a smooch between “Twilight” fronters Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. After winning the award in 2009 and 2010, when the pair won for a third time in 2011, audiences hoped the two would finally kiss. The coveted peck, however, took place between Pattinson and costar Taylor Lautner instead. Pattinson and Stewart won for a fourth time in 2012.

“The Brady Bunch” cast shows off its "Basic Instinct”

No one ever wants to see Carol Brady (played by Florence Henderson) doing or talking about anything sexual. At the 1993 show, however, Henderson and the rest of the “Brady” cast reenacted the famous interrogation scene from “Basic Instinct.” Henderson played the sexy and sultry character made famous by Sharon Stone while Peter (Christopher Knight) and Cindy (Susan Olsen) took on the role of cops.

P!nk, Lil Kim, Mya and Christina Aguilera unite

2001 MTV Movie Awards show

P!nk, left, Lil Kim, Mya and Christina Aguilera perform at the 2001 MTV Movie Awards.

(Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

No one necessarily tunes into the MTV Movie Awards for musical performances, but in 2001 that all changed when singers P!nk, Mya and Christina Aguilera joined rapper Lil Kim to perform “Lady Marmalade” from the then-upcoming film “Moulin Rouge!” Clothed in lingerie, garter belts and high heels, the four women helped redefine what fans could expect from Movie Awards musical guests.


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