Review: Laughs abound in indie comedy ‘Get Big’


Although much of what happens in “Get Big” feels borrowed from most every teen comedy from “Risky Business” to “Superbad,” this micro-budget effort from 23-year-old newbie writer-director Dylan Moran (who also stars), whips up plenty of humor and charm as well as several organic, well-served life lessons.

When neurotic college freshman Nate (Moran) returns home for the wedding of a former high school classmate, the nerdy Kahji (Clifford Bañagale), he must persuade unreliable, fast-talking best bud Alec (Tanner Stine, terrific) to go with. Alec gives in, but only if they can first fortify themselves with weed.

This seemingly simple request sends Nate and Alec down the rabbit hole on a fraught hunt for reefer. But that’s just the nominal engine for these mismatched dudes to encounter an eclectic — and amusing — array of dope dealers, cops, hookers, waitresses, nice girls, hot moms and more as they test their wits, friendship and tolerance for drug-laced baked goods.


Although Nate and Alec engage in their share of dubious activity and politically incorrect talk, this well-performed, if occasionally drawn-out film is at heart a good-natured look at a couple of essentially decent kids on the cusp of adulthood.

A hilarious scene between Nate and his bemused parents involving, among other things, Facebook privacy, is a highlight.


‘Get Big’

No rating

Running time: 1 hour, 26 minutes

Playing: In limited release

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