Review: A romantic ending explored in indie drama ‘Hello & Goodbye’

Tybee Diskin in the movie “Hello & Goodbye.”
(Indie Rights)

Most romance movies spend their energies on the early moments of a relationship, but indie drama “Hello & Goodbye” dwells in a single, long night after a breakup. This intimate two-hander introduces newly single Drew (Peter Weidman) and Beth (Tybee Diskin) as they attempt to be “just friends.”

When Beth shows up at Drew’s apartment, there’s a mixture of awkwardness and ease between the former couple. As the evening progresses, they become more honest with one another than during their five years together, revealing previously untold truths as the wine, beer and fro-yo flow.

“Hello & Goodbye” is at its best when the interactions between Beth and Drew seem organic. Their conversations and conflicts don’t always feel fresh, though they may feel familiar to those who have experienced a similar heartbreak.

The movie draws you in with its tender exploration of relationships and authentic performances, but pushes you away with pointless slo-mo sequences. Instead of more conversation with Drew and Beth, we get an extended closeup of scrambling eggs that lasts far too long for a 76-minute movie.


Director Marc Hampson and cinematographer Paul Olson work to elevate the film’s look — and largely succeed with lighting and filters adding depth to the visuals. But the choice to include these moments feels like padding on the already slight running time and detracts from the largely solid little movie they’ve made.


‘Hello & Goodbye’

Not rated

Running time: 1 hour, 16 minutes

Playing: Arena Cinelounge, Hollywood; also on Amazon VOD

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