Review: ‘Women Who Kill’ is a fresh twist on indie comedy, romance and serial killers

Filled with a dry wit driven by its writer-director-star Ingrid Jungermann, “Women Who Kill” is a darkly comic indie that is a distinct product of its place and time. Its location is Park Slope in Brooklyn, and much of the drama takes place in a co-op grocery store, a quintessential neighborhood spot. Its timing in the present places it firmly in the world where podcast hosts are local celebrities and the borough’s residents use Zipcar for their errands.

Morgan (Jungermann) hosts “Women Who Kill,” a true crime podcast with her ex-girlfriend Jean (Ann Carr), where they interview female serial killers, including Lila (Annette O’Toole). Morgan’s passion for stories of murder extends to her relationship with Simone (Sheila Vand), a mysterious young woman she meets at the co-op. Is Simone more devious than what she seems, or is Morgan simply inventing trouble in her romance?

“Women Who Kill” is delightfully specific in its approach to its characters and their community. It takes a familiar theme of romantic comedies — the fear of commitment — and gives it new life by adding a morbid element to the mix. Jungermann’s deadpan humor and line delivery are equally refreshing for the genre, but she also brings a strong eye as a director to her feature debut.


‘Women Who Kill’

Not rated

Running time: 1 hour, 33 minutes

Playing: Arena Cinema, Los Angeles

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